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Home Staging

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We bring emotional value to your house

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is a set of techniques that helps maximizing the qualities of a property for commercializing it. The aim of Home Staging is to sell or rent the property more quickly and with grater benefit to the owner.

The process of selling and renting a property is both rational and emotional. The customer decides if he likes the house or not according to his first impression, so he is influenced by all his senses. It is a subliminal process. A Home Staging professional can help you maximize the chances that the prospective buyer feels comfortable in your space. He can optimize the presentation of the different spaces to facilitate its commercialization. A series of techniques are used for this purpose:

  • Depersonalization of the spaces
  • Optimization of the lighting
  • Modernization and organization of the space
  • Repairing of the defects of the property
  • Cleaning and solving of odor problems
  • Clearing of spaces
  • Furnishing and decoration of the properties
  • Turning the property into a neutral and cozy place

All these techniques help the potential customers feel comfortable when they enter the property so that they can picture themselves living in it. Home Staging works as a real estate marketing technique with the aim of highlighting the strengths over the weaknesses of the property, therefore creating emotional connections.

Benefits of Home Staging:

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